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Fantasy Building Strategy



Build a fantasy-like city either as an elf or human. Capture the mystical world of Elvenar with your troupes. Collect artefacts and explore technologies.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Action Fantasy RPG

Recruit legendary warriors and fight your way through an epic fantasy world. Equip your champions and find the best strategy in the PVP arena.

Lady Popular

Fashion game for women

Create your own fashion lady. Put together the perfect outfit and become the most popular model.

League of Angels III

Online roleplay games

Create your angel or hero and battle against numerous monsters and creatures. Develop your character and experience a thrilling story.


Sandbox MMORPG

Craft, claim and conquer: Choose between different races and explore a gigantic game world. Fight in the air, on the ground, and even on the boss itself.

Stormfall: Age of War

Fantasy building strategy

Your own fortress in a fantasy world full of danger and adventure. Capture enemy territory, create alliances and trade goods.

Aura Kingdom

3D anime action MMORPG

Experience a huge fantasy world that you explore with your four-legged friends. Experience thrilling battles in exceptional 3D graphics.


Voxel Action MMO

Grab your friends, hone your blades, and set off for adventure in this free-to-play voxel action MMO. Explore, build, and protect – all in the name of fun!


Adventure farm game

While on the search for your father, you experience lots of adventures in North America and start your own city, where you take care of animals and fields.


Fantasy farm game

Discover numerous magical plants and care for them in your garden. Take care of the dragons in your dragon's den.

More Top Online Games


Stone Age Strategy Game

Secure the survival of your Stone Age people. Fish, beat wood and stones, collect fruits and build buildings.

Drakensang Online

Hack and slay game like Diablo

The best online roleplaying game will amaze you with breathtaking graphics. Choose from warriors, bowmen, magicians or dwarves.

Pirate Storm

Develop your ship

Outfit it and sail through the Caribbean. Be on the lookout for enemy players and sea monsters. Experience action-packed battles.

Big Bang Empire

Erotic simulation

Create your own erotic star and let them fight in funny battles. Improve their attributes and buy a sexy outfit.

Knights and Brides

Fantasy roleplay game

Develop a princess or knight. Learn new skills and create magical artefacts. Experience exciting adventures and challenges.

Dragon's Prophet

Dragon roleplay

Catch and tame your own dragon. Fly high, go into battle, develop your character and explore a huge game world.


Economy and hidden object games

Erect your own production empire. Build factories, search through hidden object scenes and unlock exciting enhancements.

Hero Zero

Superhero roleplay

Create your own superhero and develop your character. Battle against other players and save the world.

Fiesta Online

Colourful anime MMORPG

A colourful fantasy world, full of 3D adventures in anime style. Choose between six classes and complete various quests.

Kings and Legends

Online card roleplay

Create your own deck in this online card game. Challenge other players in one-on-one games and test your skills in tournaments.

Twin Saga

Epic fantasy MMORPG

Experience an epic game world and change between numerous classes as often as you like. Craft items and breed plants in your own home.

Last Chaos

Action fantasy MMORPG

Enter the fantasy world of Iris. Choose between the characters Titan, Knight or Villain and become part of this action-rich adventure.

Tera Rising

Fantasy MMORPG

Become part of the impressive world of Tera Rising. Choose between one or seven peoples and face breathtaking battles.

Grand Fantasia

Anime adventure MMORPG

Create your own hero and experience a fascinating anime world. Take part in quests, battle against other players, dragons and the boss.

S4 League

Anime future MMORPG

This third-person anime shooter game takes place in the year 2050 and offers action-packed duels. Create your character with individual items.

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Forge of Empires

The best building game

Develop your city - from the Stone Age to far into the future. As ruler, you create your own empire in this building strategy browser game.

Vikings: War of Clans

Viking strategy game

Set up a Viking village, get an army going, produce resources and capture the land of your enemies - alone or with your clan.

Call of War

War strategy game

Dive into the World War II, set up powerful armies and capture provinces. Strategy rounds of up to 30 players await you.

Goodgame Big Farm

The best farm game

Build your own farm. As a farmer, you'll take care of the animals, harvest vegetables and plants. You wear the trousers on the farm.

Tribal Wars 2

The best strategy game

Erect an impressive fort, recruit a strong army and lead your empire to victory. Become the most powerful ruler in the sequel to "Tribal Wars".

Throne: Kingdom at War

Middle Ages strategy game

Beat the other players with your skills and become the most powerful king of all time. Build up your city and army, collect resources and start wars.

Conflict of Nations: World War 3

War strategy game

Strategically lead your army, use modern weapons and capture regions of today's world. Choose between numerous realistic units.

Goodgame Empire

Middle Ages building game

Be the ruler of a Middle Ages city and erect your own fort. Command and train your soldiers. Capture enemy land.


Real-time strategy game

Erect your own Maya city and capture the Rain Forest. Send your jaguar warriors into battle and use the power of the gods and seasons to your benefit.

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